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The New Retail Alliance investment incubation platform is an investment incubation platform accompanying the "healthy China strategy", which provides one-stop services for healthy enterprises from horizontal to edge and vertical to bottom.

At the research and development end, we have many research centers, such as the New China Alliance Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Food (Henan), Hydrogen Technology Research Center, Biological Agriculture Technology Research Center, Ruizhien Biotechnology and Henan University of Chinese Medicine Zhongjing Laboratory Translational Medicine and Big Health Engineering Research Center, and carry out technical cooperation with China Agricultural University, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Henan University of Chinese Medicine and other universities. Help transform outstanding achievements.

At the manufacturing end, we have five physical manufacturing enterprises, namely Ruilong Technology, Ruizhien Biotechnology, Ruiyuan Water Technology, Ruixiang Technology and Dekong Medical. Our products cover medical devices, electronic products, water purification equipment, hydrogen technology products, hospital preparations, capsule preparations, granules, functional food, health care products and many other categories.

In the sales end, we have hundreds of terminal sales enterprises such as Wang Yanxuan, Yizhong, Xinen, Zhongkai, Goode supply chain, covering more than 100 cities. We also have our own Business Model Institute and New Retail Alliance Business School to help companies complete the scale of "100 to 10,000".

In 2022, in order to further expand the investment scale, the construction of the new Retail Union Xinxiang Industrial Park, which covers an area of 87 mu with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and a construction area of 85,000 square meters, has begun. After completion, it will become a multifunctional and comprehensive advanced demonstration park integrating research and development, testing, production, storage, office and product display in the Central Plains.

Since its establishment, the New Retail Alliance Investment incubation platform has always been committed to the mission of "letting people with ideas change their lives" and the vision of "being an enterprise platform respected by customers, employees, the industry and the society". It has been deeply cultivating the big health industry, enabling enterprises in the industry with new technologies, new models and new ideas, helping enterprises solve development difficulties, breaking development bottlenecks and expanding development scale. We will improve the quality of development and make greater contributions to the industry and society.



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